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Subject: Family Ties 3"Hello!" I answered the phone with my mouth full. "Hey, kid, what are you
doing?" "Hi, uncle Pedro, I'm doing nothing, I was just having a snack."
"How about coming over so we can have a little "chat"?" "Great! I'll be
there in a minute." Three days had passed without a chance for us to get
together the way we wanted. Uncle Jonas had returned from Sao Paulo, uncle
Pedro had some busyness to clear out and we ended up unable to do anything
but wait. Though it had been difficult for me to "stay away" from him, it
was kind of necessary. I told my uncle that he had not hurt me and he
hadn't indeed, but I felt sore due to his deep stabbings. My mother asked
me if I had hurt myself at school or something 'cause she noticed I was
kind of stiff. But now I was feeling much better and on my way to my
uncle's arms.I was thrilled with what was happening to me. Of course I was too young to
fully understand all the emotional load involved in that situation, but I
surely knew that my sexual orientation had already been defined. I remember
that I tried to imagine having sex with girls, but it just didn't
ignite. But when I thought about my uncles, my dad and other men I simply
felt my loins stirring with desire. I didn't talk with anybody about what
was going on with me, I just waited day after day for my next sexual
pleasure.When uncle Pedro opened the door he embraced me smiling. He asked how I was
and if I had told anybody about our little affair. I said 'no' and he took
me to his office where we had an ample view of the front yard and we could
see whomever approached the house without being caught with our pants
literally down. "Come here kid, I need you to give me that special
treatment you're so good at." He opened his fly and fished out his large
and swelling cock. I knelt down before him and worshipped his mantool
jutting out in front of him. Man I loved that smell of cock, I loved the
texture of his cock in my hands and mouth and tongue...I spent time
touching, squeezing, rubbing, sucking and nibbling his cock. Keeping an
eye on the front yard he lowered his pants and said that he wanted to fuck
me right there. That was all I wanted to hear. Quickly he went to the
bathroom and came back with the tube of Vaseline. When I asked where he
wanted me to just lolita top 100 lie down he said that he'd fuck me standing and that it'd have
to be a 'quick one' because uncle Jonas was about to arrive.He smeared my butt and inserted one finger lubbed in Vaseline up my hole to
prepare the way. I moaned and he smiled. "You love that, don't you boy? You
like when I probe you inside. Give me just a minute and I'll probe you
properly with the right equipment." He grabbed me from behind and pulled me
tightly together. His already lubbed preteen lolita vip models cock found a place between my also
lubbed cheeks, and the big head appeared under my small peter. I reached
down and touched the red and flared red, rubbing it with my finger. He
moaned and squeezed me hard. "Fuck me uncle." I said simply and got ready
to be fucked. He pushed my legs apart and got closer. Cornered against the
wall I was unable to move young teens free lolita
when he shoved his hard cock into my butt all the
way, 'till his hairy crotch reached my stretched butt hole. I tensed and
yelped in pain and he stopped abruptly. I was still a little sore and his
hard cock intruding aggressively consequently hurt me. Still inside me he
asked if I wanted him to stop and soothed me, saying that the pain would
soon be gone. I asked him to keep still for a bit until the pain subsided
and I was ready once again to please him. He started to move slowly, in and
out, 'till his cock almost left my hole and then brought it right in to the
last inch. Uncle Pedro's every movement stimulated me and I did not feel
any pain again. He pulled back and entered again and again."Oh, uncle, I love you, fuck me good, I love you!" I did not have to ask
twice. Uncle Pedro clutched me in his arms like a baby and jabbed his hot
fuckrod into my quivering pucker with powerful thrusts. I could feel that
he was almost there. His moans and sighs were increasing and he was
careless about me being hurt. The avid intrusion pushed deeper into my
inwards and I felt a lust as it plunged between my buns. Spasms of ecstasy
tore through me when his pubic hair kept touching my butt indicating that
he was completely buried inside me. He was panting and heaving impaling me,
and I was aware of the wondrous waves of pleasure that lolita bd nude pics
engulfed him. After
a few more stabbings he shot his load deep inside me. "Ughhh, I'm cumming
sweetie, uncle's cumming again up your tight hole." He thrust again a few
more times and then began to kiss my neck and became very tender. When he
removed his cock I tried to close my enlarged hole but I felt his cum
leaking down my legs anyway. We collapsed to the floor where we spent a few
minutes trying to recover our strength. He zipped up his fly and I went to
the bathroom to clean myself.Hal an hour later we were in the kitchen when uncle Jonas got home. I
kissed him and he tousled my hair with his big hand. He sat with us and
served himself a cup of coke with ice while he and uncle Pedro talked about
the day and I could see that uncle Jonas was kind of paying more attention
to me. When he finished he said he'd take a bath and left us. Uncle Pedro
told me that he had hinted to uncle Jonas about me yesterday, but he was
not sure if uncle Jonas had believed when he young teens free lolita told him that he'd fucked
me. Uncle Pedro didn't give me all the details about their conversation,
but what I gathered was that uncle Jonas knew that uncle Pedro had fucked
me, but was unsure. When uncle Pedro asked him if he would like to check it
out for himself, he said 'no' and closed the subject right there telling
uncle Pedro that he was a pervert and that he would get himself into
trouble for messing around with a child, and a boy to make matters
worse. "So," uncle Pedro finished, "I don't know if you will have any
success with your grumpy uncle Jonas." I decided to take a chance and asked
my mother if I could spend the night with my uncles. She said Ok if I
promised I wouldn't cause any trouble. We were used to that kind of
arrangement because it was common for me to come and go since we lived so
close. The house my uncles lived in wasn't that big but it had 3 bedrooms
and I always used the one in the middle because it was the only one
left. We had dinner and then watched some bulb tube together. I noticed
that my uncles exchanged some kind of conversations with their eyes and
once they went to the kitchen and I heard them whispering before returning
to the living room. I don't know what they were planning, but I had made up
my mind already. Soon uncle Pedro said goodnight, kissed me on the
forehead, and left me with uncle Jonas. We watched TV in silence for a
moment and then he asked: "Are you spending much time with uncle Pedro? Do
you always come here after school when I'm not here?" "Yeah, I guess so!" I
answered. "What do you two do here together?" "Well, he teaches me a lot of
things and then we play...we play games, many things." "Do you like playing
games with your uncle? I mean, do you like the games you two play?" I knew
what he wanted to know, but I wanted him to lead the way. "Yes, uncle
Jonas, I love very much the lolicon models non nude games we play. Would you like to play with me,
too?" He took his eyes away from the TV and looked at me. "Do you want to
play with me the young lolli girls nudes same games you play with your uncle Pedro?" I lowered my
eyes and nodded my head yes. He put his finger under my chin and made me
look at him. "Is it really true that you and your uncle Pedro it true that you let him..." "Fuck me?" He agreed
promptly. "Yeah, yeah, is it true?" Once again I said 'yes' with my
head. "Jesus!" He said under his breath. "And did you like?" "Yes, uncle
Jonas, I liked it very much. We did it today again, before you got home."
"You what? Has he fucked you today? Here?" I said yes and added: "And if
you want I can let you fuck me too, uncle Jonas." I couldn't recognize
myself for my boldness. "I know that you don't have a girlfriend and maybe
it's been a long time since you went out with a woman, so, if you want I
can be your girlfriend today. You can do whatever you want with me, the
same things you used to do to aunt Dora." "No, Fernando, I don't think so!
You're a boy and only a child, and I don't want to get in trouble messing
around with you. We'd better go to sleep." He got up and maybe it was
because I wanted very much to see it, but I think he had a lump in his
crotch that he disguised very well. He kissed me briefly goodnight and went
to his room.But I wasn't through yet! Now that our conversation had gone that far I had
no intention of drawing back. I waited for about thirty minutes and then
went to uncle Jonas' bedroom. I pushed the door slowly open and closed it
behind me. He surprised me when he asked me what I was doing there. I said
that we hadn't finished our conversation yet and climbed the bed next to
him. He wore pajamas and I felt more than saw his hairy chest under my
hands. "What is this Fernando? You better quit right now, you hear me?" I
was unsure of what to do next because he seemed determined in not doing
anything with me, but I underage russian lolita models
insisted a little more. "Please, uncle Jonas,
you'll like it, I promise, and I want you to fuck me too, just like uncle
Pedro did." I whispered in his ear while I started to slide my hand down
his belly, going to his young teens free lolita crotch. I grabbed his cock and started to massage
it. He didn't fight me and I told him in his ear that uncle Pedro was
asleep and he could do whatever he wanted with me. He relaxed a little and
I took that as a 'yes'. Faster than a flash I knelt beside him and pushed
down the pants of the pajamas. My eyes had adjusted to the darkness of his
bedroom, but still I could not see clearly his body, and maybe that was
well, because I could see that he was not comfortable with the situation. I
took his penis in my hands and squeezed it ilegal little russian lolitas
lightly, stroking gently, trying
to get it hard. I felt underage russian lolita models when it inflated a little and so I brought my mouth
down and swallowed its big head. I couldn't see the size, but I could say
that it was big because I almost couldn't get it into my mouth.Uncle Jonas abruptly pushed my head away and tried to sit down. "No, stop
it, Fernando. I don't want this, stop it." But I wasn't ready to get a 'no'
from him. I pressed his chest with my right hand and forced him to lie down
once more and took his cock in my mouth again. This time I swallowed more
of it and also massaged his balls. He moaned involuntarily and I took that
as an approval. Soon I was bobbing up and down his pole, which was big and
fat. Uncle Jonas also had something that for me was a plus: he had a big
hairy belly. I kissed his chest and his nipples and ran my tongue through
his hair and to his navel, and then lower still until I found his full,
ready cock. I decided to take control totally over him. I took my clothes
off, spit on my hand and smeared my hole with saliva. I knew that if I let
him do that maybe he would change his mind, so I was the one supposed to be
in charge. I spread my legs and mounted him, being careful to position my
butt right on the target. I knew that I had to be quick until he entered me
cause once inside me all he would be able to do was cum. Because uncle
Pedro had fucked me earlier I was stretched enough to take him without
being very careful. I put his big preteen lolita vip models doorknob right into my pucker and forced
down, sitting on it, while pushing out as if I were taking a shit. It was
really sensitive down there, but I had no choice. I sat on it and his large
cock slid in. "Jesus Christ, Fernando, you're hole is tight and hot." Uncle
Jonas said that while I raised myself a little and sat down again, this
time burying his cock almost completely up my ass. I stop for a moment just
to enjoy the feeling of my uncle Jonas' cock wiggling inside me. I put my
hands on his big belly and started to go up and down his pole. "Oh, uncle
Jonas, I love your cock up my ass. Are you enjoying my ass, too?" He didn't
answer me, but now he began to thrust his body up to meet my butt when it
came down. He moaned louder now and I didn't know how long he would last
'till he came, but suddenly, he made me dismount him and took charge, not
giving me time to do anything else. He made me lie down facing down and he
spread my legs and came on top of me almost in one single movement. When I
realized he was forcing his large cock up my ass that opened to him like a
flower and allowed his fuck pole to lodge completely there. He was much
heavier than uncle Pedro and I loved that sensation of being crushed by
him, of being totally unable to escape if I wished to. I felt as if I was
totally surrounded by uncle Jonas' hairy body. He slid his cock all the way
and I felt it touching my prostrate (I think it was my prostrate because I
felt like melting down from inside out). He didn't talk much, but he
grunted a lot. He was fucking me desperately. I could not believe that
uncle Jonas had so much cock. Just when I was fully convinced that I could
not handle anymore he forced more of his cock into me and when I was about
to scream out in pain he eased up and made me fight to keep it all inside.
I just shivered. Every nerve in my body was alive and concentrated on the
ruthless movements of uncle Jonas' cock as he pumped his loins against my
butt. Uncle Jonas surely knew how to fuck!Suddenly uncle Jonas froze and his whole body twitched in spasms and
torrents of hot cream gushed into my stretched hole. His rigid cock nailed
me onto the bed while his cum splattered inside me. I don't know how to
describe what I was feeling, but I was dizzy as I listened to the moaning
and groaning of uncle Jonas while he continued to fuck me. Soon I felt hot
semen leaking my hole and cover my balls sac. He still pumped a little more
before stopping and dropped his full weight on me. When he pulled his cock
out his spunk gushed out like a faucet. I was so hot that I grabbed my
little cock and stroked a few times and soon I was cumming too. Little by
little uncle Jonas regained his composure and I was a bit shaken by his
violent orgasm. "You liked it, didn't you?" Asked uncle Jonas. "Look, son,
nobody is supposed to know what happened here tonight, you got it?" lolita teen pussy galleries I said
OK and asked him if I could come over so he could fuck me again. "Well, I
guess I can feed you some dick if you don't tell anybody. preteen models top lolitas But now you
better go to sleep." He rolled over and soon I could hear him snoring. I
got up, went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up and went to my bedroom
where I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.
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